La via delle sorelle

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Via delle Sorelle (Sisters’ Way) is a 130-kilometre route organised in stages connecting Brescia to Bergamo and crossing more than 30 municipalities. The purpose of this route, which runs mostly on the hilly portion of the two provinces, is to create a green path which showcases lesser-known places, ancient routes and itineraries, local traditions and products, with Art at its core. A route revolving around nature and culture, with as little asphalt as possible; a different window opening on the two cities and their provinces.

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Via delle Sorelle is designed to be completed in a week, at a slow pace. It is a two-way route in 6 stages, which can be absolutely adjusted according to the time availability and degree of training of each walker.


Via delle Sorelle was developed very recently, but so many hospitality organisations already believe in it and look forward to welcoming wayfarers. Here is a list of facilities that have joined the hospitality network so far, with the hope that many more will be added in the near future.


We would like all the arts to find a home along this route, with the purpose of creating the first open-air creative workshop between two cities and turn Via delle Sorelle into an open-air stage, at the service of the lands it crosses.


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Sul cammino ci sono dei cantieri in corso. Nel link trovate l’elenco e le tracce alternative per evitarli in base alla città di partenza: LINK



There is some construction going on along the way. In the link you will find the list and alternative routes to avoid them: LINK

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