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Brescia and Bergamo are similar cities with different identities and unique personalities. Known for the stubbornness of their inhabitants, hard work mentality, and thriving economy, which made them famous but also created their reputation as heavily industrialised and environmentally compromised cities, they actually represent so much more and boast unknown beauty in their provinces, unknown to most. United and supportive, not least because they have lived through the recent health emergency that has sadly seen them in the spotlight, these two cities have risen once more, even more united, as Capital of Culture 2023. The inspiration behind this route is to offer a way to discover nature and places of interest at a slow pace, and to connect other existing trails. A slow and sustainable legacy for all.

The route

Via delle Sorelle is a 130-kilometre journey, in stages, which connects Brescia to Bergamo, crossing over 30 municipalities. The Via, which develops largely on the hilly part of the two provinces, aims to be a green artery to discover lesser-known places, ancient streets and itineraries, traditions and products of the territories, with Art at the center. A path of nature and culture, with as little asphalt as possible, which shows a new face of the two cities and their provinces.


An open-air creative workshop between two cities, with artwork along all the stages: this is what Via delle Sorelle is also about.

The works are permanent in nature; reachable only on foot. The materials used and the themes chosen are inspired by the natural, historical, social and cultural identity of the lands crossed by the Via. Bearers of the values of beauty, solidarity, sustainability, ecology and sharing, these works are capable of creating a harmonious dialogue with the landscape in which they are installed; having low or zero environmental impact.

The artistic installations will grow year after year, to embellish the walk over time, making it a laboratory where art, nature, culture and production are interwoven in a virtuous, sustainable, inclusive, open and highly engaging way.


“Via delle Sorelle” is a project of the Municipalities of Brescia and Bergamo, and the Provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, conceived, designed and coordinated by Slow Ride Italy, an Association that was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting initiatives and projects in tourism, culture, food&wine, and education in a sustainable way. 

This resulted in a Governance partnership whose stakeholders are: the Slow Ride Italy Association, the Municipality of Brescia, the Municipality of Bergamo, the Province of Brescia, the Province of Bergamo, 33 municipalities crossed by the Via, the Terre di Franciacorta Association and the MilleMonti Association. 

The Via delle Sorelle project has the support of Visit Bergamo, Visit Brescia, Regione Lombardia, Fondazione ASM, and Fondazione Cariplo.

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Sul cammino ci sono dei cantieri in corso. Nel link trovate l’elenco e le tracce alternative per evitarli in base alla città di partenza: LINK



There is some construction going on along the way. In the link you will find the list and alternative routes to avoid them: LINK

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